Legendary Standards in Journalism

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With the invention of blogging, the internet has become a place where anyone can be an “expert.” Unfortunately, these entities can end up harming others under the guise of being a credible source. Content created on the internet can have dire consequences for the innocent and unknowing.

The Legendary Standards in Journalism seeks to protect persons, companies, and ideologies from slander and “black PR” by creating a standard for journalists and bloggers to follow on the web.

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Critical Acclaim:

An effort to give bloggers more journalist ethics – Jack Lessenberry, Michigan Public Radio – 9/16/13


“[...] I think the concept makes a lot of sense. Traditional journalism always served partly as a filter to help the public find reliable information. It’s now clear that on today’s information superhighway, new signposts are needed.”

- Jack Lessenberry – head of journalism department at Wayne State University, political analyst at the Michigan Public Radio, 36 years of journalism experience

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