Social media generates 14% of all leads and 13% of all customers


According to Hubspot’s State of Inbound Marketing 2013 report, social media outlets generate approximately 14% of all leads and 13% of all customers.

The report focuses on the use of inbound marketing strategies like social media, blogs, search keywords, and landing pages. Inbound marketing is defined as, “a holistic, data-driven strategy that involves attracting and converting visitors into customers through personalized, relevant information and content –- not interruptive messages – and following them through the sales experience with ongoing engagement.”

Facebook was found to be the best outlet to acquire business through social media, with 52% of businesses surveyed gaining a customer from Facebook over the last year. Linkedin and company blogs also were had a high rate of attracting customers at 43% apiece.


Another interesting conclusion from the report is that traditional marketing is fading. Companies are focusing less on outbound strategies such as banner ads and direct mail to attract customers.